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Rene Discartes

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Q: What are some famous mathematicians in history?
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Who are 3 famous female mathematicians?

Maria Agnesi, Florence Allen, and Annie Andrews are some famous mathematicians.

Who are some famous Filipino mathematicians and their contributions?


Tsu Chung -Chi?

he was one of the most famous mathematicians in history and the most famous achievement he did was the finding of Pi (3.1415926.....)

Where does one collate a list of famous mathematicians educated at Oxford in London?

To collect a list of famous mathematicians that attended Oxford universities one must first research who these mathematicians are. One can do this by contacting the math professors of Oxford for more information on the school's history.

Who are some famous Indian Mathematicians?

One famous Indian Mathematician is Srinivasa Ramanujan. Also, some other famous Indian Mathematicians include: Narayana Pandit, Raj Chandra Bose, and M. S. Narasimhan.

Who is the most famous ancient Greek mathematicians?

Some famous Greek mathematicians include Thales, Pythagoras, Hero, Perseus, Diocles, Archimedes, and a whole load of other ones.

Who were some of the most famous mathematicians of the renaissance?

there are many but the most famous one is leonardo da vinci

Famous five mathematicians?


Who is the worlds famous mathemathician?

Winners of the Fields Medal would be some of the famous mathematicians since 1936, certainly not all.

How many mathematicians were there?

This question doesnt make sense. There were litterally hundreds of mathematicians throughout history.

Who contributed to number theory?

some of the most famous mathematicians is.... How am I supposed to know? Find it out your self!

List of famous mathematicians of India?

I am the best!

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