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Some organizations against littering are people against litter and citizens against litter. There are other organizations such as anti-litter organizations, keep America beautiful, and litter heroes.

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Q: What are some organizations against littering?
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Is it against the law to not pick up after your dog?

Yes it is called littering

It is against the law to littering objects leading to filthness .As a courtsy always ditch things IN proper place?

"Littering" is usually a misdemeanor offense everywhere.

What do christians think about littering?

some christians would think that littering is harming gods planet and disrespecting god

Which country land of cleaness?

Singapore has very strict laws against any form of littering.

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There are many different consequences of littering in the United States. One can be fined for littering a substantial amount of money, or one could accidentally hurt animals who eat their trash.

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They can misuse the parks by littering.

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littering. Just 1 simple answer.... littering. apparently some people don't care about the Earth we live on. SAD..... :'(

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