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Causation, correlation...

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What are some relationships that exists between variables?
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What are some relationships that exist between variables?

Causation, correlation...

How economics relate to math?

Economics is the study of the efficient allocation of resources. There are a very large number of variables with complex interactions between them. Econometricians design models to represent an economy - or some aspect of it - and then use statistical methods to estimate relationships between the variables.

What are some relationship that exist between variables?

Causation, correlation...

What does no trend mean?

Usually the expression is employed in the context of the relationship between a dependent variable and another variable. The latter may or may not be independent: often it is time but that is not necessary. In some cases there is some indication that that there is a linear relationship between the two variables and that relationship is referred to as a trend.Note that a trend is not the same as causation. There may appear to be a strong linear trend between two variables but the variables may not be directly related at all: they may both be related to a third variable. Also, the absence of linear trends does not imply that the variables are unrelated: there may be non-linear relationships.

What are some relationships between kelp and humans?

who cares about that poooooop

What are some mutualism relationships between flamingos?

Flamingo, idiot

A relationship between two variables or sets of data is called what?

Some people will give the answer "correlation". But that is not correct for the following reason: Consider the coordinates of a circle. There is obviously a very strong relationship between the x coordinate and the y coordinate. The correlation between the two is not just small, but 0. The correlation between two variables is a measure of the linear relationship between them. But there can be non-linear relationships which will not necessarily be reflected by any correlation.

In a study what does positive correlation between variables mean?

It means that the variables are related in some way; one affects the other.

What can a line graph tell you about the relationships between the variables in experiment?

A line graph can tell you how changes in one variable are related to changes in the other. A line graph cannot show causality. A line graph can show non-linear relationships which some other analytical techniques may not identify. In particular, they are good for identifying relationships between the variables that change over the domain. A line graph can also help identify points where the nature of the relationship changes - eg tension and breaking point, or temperature and phase. The spread of observations about the "line of best fit" gives a measure of how closely the variables are related and how much of the measurement is systemic or random error.

What are some ways to describe the relationships between sets of numbers?

by their increase or decrease

What are some relationships between sea turtles and other organism?

sea turtles have friendly relationships with other sea turtle species, and frock

Definition for decision models and decision variables?

Decision variables are the variables within a model that one can control. They are not random variables. For example, a decision variable might be: whether to vaccinate a population (TRUE or FALSE); the amount of budget to spend (a continuous variable between some minimum and maximum); or how many cars to have in a car pool (a discrete variable between some minimum and maximum).

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