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One game is pyramid solitire

but i don't understand because it says one player games EXCLUDING solotaire. thaat is solitare!?

? huh ?

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 19:33:31
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Q: What are some single player card games excluding solitare?
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Are there any 1 player card games besides solitare?

there is a game called pyramid....but i dont no how to play it D:

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Unfortunately, no. The games are not ranked, therefore you can have access to unlocks on single player games.

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bad joke is bad

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There are many card games including go fish, keno, solitare and poker. To find out more information on card games visit

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The groupings in the periodic table have some simalarities with the card game solitare. All the elements with similar properties are grouped in a vertical group, just as in solitare all cards of the same suit are arranged in a vertical group.

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Most of the new games are single player except for online play where they are considered multiplayer.

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yes. Also remember there is 1-4 and single player options after start screen so some games are only single player.:)

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you dont silly try going on multi-player you can only do 15 on single player the others you have to do on multi-player but you can do multi-player with one person

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There are no structured one player games. However, attempting to make the shots most often encountered in a game and use the cue ball control is what most players do for single player play. By its nature, billiards and pool cannot be practiced during a game and only in a single player "game" can a player actually learn new shots and practice to become a better player. There are many "games" and drills provided in books for single player pool and billiards.

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Klondlike - Solitare Maze - a maze game based on the accelerometer Vortex - a new type of DX ball

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lol i dont mean so i can steal games i want to mod single player games if its legal that is

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game console

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No, Temple Run only supports single player games.

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