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Things look like pyramid

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Q: What are some things that look like a square pyramid?
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What does square pyrimid look like?

Search "Square pyramid" on Google, and look at "Images."

What does a pentahedron look like?

it looks exactly like a square pyramid

What does the top view of a square pyramid look like?

cone shaped * * * * * It is a square.

What items look like a square based pyramid?


What does the triangular pyramid look like?

It has four triangles and a square.

What solid figure does the Empire State Building look like?

a square pyramid, perhaps a rectangural prism with a square pyramid on top

What does a square based pyramid net look like?

A square-based pyramid net consists of a square base with four isosceles triangle faces extending from each side of the square. The triangles meet at a single point at the top of the pyramid. When the net is folded and assembled, it forms a three-dimensional square-based pyramid shape.

What does the top view of a three-dimensional square pyramid look like?

A square (or, possibly a square with an 'X' inside it).

What does a square pyramid look like?

The base of the pyramid is a square.Start with a square, then extend each corner upwards to meet at a point above the center of the square. The point can be almost any height, so the pyramid can have an infinite number of shapes.The Great Pyramid of Giza is a square pyramid.

What things look like a triangular pyramid?

Upside down rubies

What does a net look like with a triangular pyramid?

it has 1 square base and um 4 sides

What shape has 5 faces and 5 corners One of your faces looks like a square and the other four look like triangles?

a square pyramid