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Q: What are some ways to make 1000 using maths?
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If you smoked 1000 cigarettes how much would you spend?

Come on some simple maths here: 1000 cigs=50 packets, 50 packets at around £5 = £250

What are some jobs that use maths?

maths teacher

Why is maths boring?

Maths is fun for some people but some people ( e.g. me ) find math boring. Its probably because we dont like using our brain for stuff and we find calculators our math saviours

I am weak in maths what should i do to score above 85?

you should buy some maths books and do 20 mins every night or do some revision on maths.

Does using coloured paper increase scores on a maths test?

Yes, if you wrap some money in the paper before you hand it in.

Show you some good math puzzles?

I am very good at maths. Give me some maths puzzles.

Is it true that some people think that maths is easy and they know the answer right away but for real you still have to count in your head?

Yes some peoplethink that maths is easy. But most people count it out in their head to make sure its right

Some shortcut methods of calculations of vedic maths?

i want some shortcut method frm vedic maths

Why the subjects mathematics is related to economics?

cooking envolves using maths because some time you have to measure how much ingredients a recipe

Use of maths in lifetime?

you use maths in school, college, some jobs. if you want to have a job in maths you better start revising.

I want some information on population maths project for my maths competition student of class 7th?

Maths is for kids and teenagers all around the world to study and become great Maths wizards

Why do you need to know maths?

Maths is everything. Maths can even be used by forensic scientists to create a figure of a whole body from a footprint. Anything that you can think of relates to maths in some form or another.

Maths working model for class 11?

It is difficult make working modals of maths. so u should try to do some activity work like proving ur syllabus' theorems etc.

Is maths hard?

No maths is not actually hard. Some people may think it is but it is not. People have different opinions and may not like what other likes but if you keep practicing you will start to get the hang of it. Adding and subtracting is quite easy. If you are a beginner of maths start using small numbers and maybe use some pop sticks to help. Multiplication and division is just a bit harder but you just need to learn your times table and division is just the opposite of multiplication. There are more other maths but if you can learn these four you can do other maths as well.

What are some good maths questions to put on a maths game?

24 is an excellent game a card with 4 numbers and you hae to make the number 24 by diiding multiplying ading or subtracting various levels of diffficultly

Why doesn't math want to compute in my brain?

Some people are able to do maths and could prob answer any maths questions. There are some people (like you obviously) who just cant do maths and struggle with the concept! LOL

Will you be able to become a graphic designer if you are no good at maths?

You will need some maths - page sizes etc.

Is mca for non maths students?

Yes MCA can be done by a non MAths student but with some contraints.

Some maths topics in class 10 cbse?

maths is very commercial sub we have to study it very sincerer

Finding square roots using vedic maths examples?

Find some methods on

How many tricks are there in maths?

There are a bunch of tricks to make figuring math problems easier. See the discussion for some that I'll post.

What is the smallest odd number between 100 and 1000 you can make using some of these numerals - 3 6 2 0 5 8?

306/2 = 103

Can anyone tell how to make a maths project file on vedic maths interesting?

You can also make your file interesting by including pictures which are related to vedic mathematics and which have humour.You can also include some interesting facts about vedic mathematics which can play a vital role in your project.Hope this helps.Best of luck!

Can you get real wishes?

Some say if you make 1000 paper Cranes they get a wish.

What are some benefits of using make up?

we can make ourself beautiful

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