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A connection is 13 is a baker's dozen.

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Q: What are some world connections to the number 13?
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What are some world connections for the number 13?

13 is how much money u make per houir

What are some real world connections with the number 14?

After you turn 13 years old, you will eventually turn 14 years old.

What do you call a number 13 fear?

Yes.. some people across the world considers number 13 as the most unlucky number. Few examples of people's treatment towards number 13. -> In some countries, multi-storey buildings dont have 13th level.. its left unconstructed.. -> 13th room in any hotel will not be booked.. or will not be constructed at all.

Why there is no number 13 in racing tracks?

Because 13 is considered by some to be an unlucky number

13 is you f s?

13 is unlucky number for some

What does triscadecaphobia mean?

Fear of the number 13. Some people think 13 is an unlucky number, and will avoid anything to do with 13.

What is the product of 13 percent of some number?

13 percent = "0.13" Some number = "x" Product means to multiply. Answer: 0.13x

Is a positive number divisible by 13?

Some positive numbers are divisible by 13, but not all of them.

Why is number 13 left out on London eye?

Some people are superstitious about the number 13. Many roads and streets in the UK leave out number 13 or call it 11A

Is 13 lucky number?

No number is lucky or unlucky: that is simply a superstition.

The quotient of some number and thirteen?


Why are some people scared of the number 13?

Some people are scared of the number 13 because it has traditionally been known as an unlucky number for those who are superstitious. This is a superstition that dates back thousands of years.