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What are sums?

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a mathematical problem involving adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing numbers, especially one given to students to solve

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How do you do sums?

The answer will depend on what kind of sums.

What are all the sums that make 24?

all the sums are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,and 24

What is half of 53?

Half of 53 is 26.5 or 26 and a half.

Which is the only number which is equal to the sum of its digits?

Well, 1 is equal to 1. 9 is equal to 9. So any number from 0 to 9. I do not think this is what is meant by the question. If you mean any number with more than one digit. There is no such number. Because 11 sums to 2. 19 sums to 10. 21 sums to 3. 29 sums to 11. 111 sums 3. 119 sums to 11. The sums do not grow as fast the increase of digits.

How is the mean calculated?

Add all the sums, then divide by the number of sums. (ie. the average.)

Emily worked out all the sums in her head?

Emily worked out all the sums mentally.

How many different sums can you make from 5 numbers?

you can make at least 25 sums

How do you get money without a job on sums 3 ambitions iPod touch?

What is sums? Is it sims 3

How many odd sums can you get from rolling two dice?

There are 9 odd sums that you can get from rolling two dice.

What are the answers to the magic sums in The 39 Clues?

The sums are: 1: 15 2: 34 3: 42

What two sums can you get for 120?

to get the two sums of 120 you multiply twenty times six (20x6=120)

What sums have no legs?

What sums up all the evidence and research in an experiment?

The team of researchers which is writing up a report sums them up.

What combines multiplication with sums?

A combination of multiplication and sums is called arithmetic. Subtraction and division are also included in arithmetic.

How do you calculate hard sums of the topic integers?

Not all people will find the same sums hard. Also, when you are older you may well find that sums that look hard now are really quite easy.

What is the sum of 1.055 plus 0.863 show your work with partial sums?

1.918 is the answer Partial Sums: 1.055 +.863 ----------- 1.918

What are the 3 sums of 57?

There are infinitely many sums, not just 3: 0 + 57 0.5 + 56.5 0.005 + 56.995

What do you use to work out sums?


What is the calculator for?

calculating complex sums.

Do all factor sums have to be even?


What are the sums of 17 and 6?


Did Hitler invent the atomic bomb?

No The Germans were working on it but von Heisenburg, I think it was, got his sums wrong..... not that I know what the sums were you understand.

What is a homophone pair meaning sums and an old woodcutting tool?

"Adds" is a word meaning "sums," and "adze" is an old woodcutting tool.

What was large sums of money needed by merchants to invest in business?

was large sums of money needed by merchants to invest in businesses and trading ventures

What saved Jamestown by allowing the colonists to make huge sums of money?

Tobbacco saved jamestown causing it to make large sums of money.

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