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Supplementary angles - two angles that add up to 180 degrees.

No matter how large or small angles 1 and 2 on the left become, the two angles remain supplementary which means that they add up to 180°.

By the way, supplementary angles do not need to be adjacent angles(angles next to one another) if it doesnt add up to 180 then they are not supplementary angles, but if they do then they are supplementary angles.

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Q: What are supplementary estimates?
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What is supplementary estimates?

In government terms they are bills that alter how the money the government has is spent. Each year the treasurer hands down the budget, detailing the financial expenditure for the next financial year, supplementary estimates are used if this were to change.

Difference between revised estimate and supplementary estimate?

A supplementary estimate refer to the additional or extra estimate. A revised estimate is the difference between the former budget estimates and the actual expenditure, which is usually presented in the next budget.

What is Supplementary Tax?

supplementary duty

Why supplementary units are called supplementary units?

The unit having no dimensions is supplementary units

Are the angles of a trapezoid supplementary complementary or corresponding?

The answer is supplementary! :-)

Supplementary trapezoid opposite angles?

No, they are generally not supplementary.

Is a rhombus supplementary?

No, the concept of supplementary does not apply to polygons.

Are linear pair angles congruent or supplementary?

They are supplementary

Does a rhombus have opposite angles that are supplementary?

No. The adjacent angles are supplementary.

Is 40ยฐ complementary or supplementary?

It is 120-degree angle are supplementary.

What do Supplementary angles equal?

A supplementary angle is 180 degrees. So, it depends how many supplementary angles you add together.

What is a supplementary number in algebra?

In geometry, supplementary angles add to 180 degrees. The term 'supplementary number' is not used in algebra.

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