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Q: What are sytems of a irregular z line?
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What is irregular z line in esophagus?

Irregular Z line is the connection where the oesaphagus meets the stomach. when the endoscopist means Irregular Z line- They take a sample tissue and send it for biposy. Irregular Z line does not mean that something is wrong.

What is irregular Z-line in the esophagus?

an xline

What is a irregular Z line in the gastroesophageal junction?

What is an irregular z- line a joining of the esophagus and sto?

What would a z have for a line of symmentry?

z does not have a line of symmetry. z does not have a line of symmetry. z does not have a line of symmetry. z does not have a line of symmetry.

How many line of symmetry in irregular octagon?

If it is irregular enough, it may have not a single line of symmetry.

What line of symmetry is z?

To determine the line of symmetry of shape Z, you would need a visual representation of Z. Without that information, it is not possible to determine the line of symmetry.

What shape has line symmetry?

Irregular quadrilateral

What does irregular in math?

A irregular is a closed plane figure formed by three or more line segments.

Are veins circulatory sytems digestive sytems or respiratory systems?

The veins are found in the circulatory system.

The segment of a myofibril that is called a sarcomere runs from?

One Z line to the next Z line

Does z have rotational symmetry but no line symmetry?

The letters H and Z have both line symmetry and rotational symmetry

What is the term for the functional unit of a muscle fiber from Z line to Z line?

just take a guess of what it is.