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Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzle patterns that consist of seven pieces. The seven pieces include: a small square, a parallelogram, two small congruent triangles, one medium triangle, and two large congruent triangles. The origin of Tangram puzzles is debatable. Some mathematicians theorize that the seven piece creative puzzle was the work of a Chinese man named Tan in the early 19th century. No matter the origin, Tangrams are mathematical creations that are fun to construct. How do I play with Tangrams? To begin, you are given an image to construct with the Tangram pieces. Several images can be constructed from the seven pieces such as a bird, dog, or cat. Initially, the seven pieces are not connected together in any fashion. You must connect the pieces together to create the given picture. You are allowed to rotate the Tangrams as necessary. Tangrams test your spatial ability with the different size of the pieces. For example, there are triangles of various sizes to choose from. It is important to place them in the correct position and at the correct angle to produce the picture. You can employ a trial and error method by moving the pieces around. However, it is fun to test your perceptual abilities by rotating and moving the geometric pieces within your mind first and then move them on the actual puzzle. This is reminiscent of spatial reasoning aptitude testing where you were given a three-dimensional object and then had to draw the object on a piece of paper as if you had unfolded it.

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Q: What are tangrams?
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