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plane trigonometry

spherical trigonometry

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Q: What are the 2 branches of trigonometry?
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What are the two branches of Trigonometry?

The two branches of trigonometry are plane trigonometry, which deals with figures lying wholly in a single plane, and spherical trigonometry, which deals with triangles that are sections of the surface of a sphere.

What is relation between Trigonometry and criminology?

There is no direct relationship. Trigonometry can be used in criminology as can many branches of mathematics and of science.

What are the five branches of mathematics?

geometry, Algebra , trigonometry calculus, physics

Why does trigonometry contain the root for three?

Most branches of mathematics - including trigonometry - deal with numbers. The square root of three is a number.

What were the three branches of mathematical studies originated in India?

Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus

What are the main branches of Trigonometry?

Basically it is working out the properties of triangles and angles of various polygons.

Five branches of math that are not algebra?

Geometry,trigonometry,calculus,statistics,discrete structures,arithmetic

Can you take trigonometry before taking algebra 2?

I think you need to understand algebra 2 before you begin trigonometry

What is the difference between plane trigonometry and spherical trigonometry?

Trigonometry is the study of plane and spherical triangles. Plane trigonometry deals with 2 Dimensional triangles like the ones you would draw on a piece of paper. But, spherical trigonometry deals with circles and 3 Dimensional triangles. Plane trigonometry uses different numbers and equations than spherical trigonometry. There's plane trigonometry, where you work with triangles on a flat surface, then there's spherical trigonometry, where you work with triangles on a sphere.

2 branches of seamanship?

2 branches of seamanship

How is trigonometry used in game development?

Converting three dimensional settings for projecting onto 2-d screens requires trigonometry.

What is the ''magic identity'' in trigonometry?

I suggest that it is (sin A)^2 + (cos A)^2 = 1

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