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The 4 different types of protists are to get away from bacteria,

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Q: What are the 4 different types of protists?
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How are the different types of protist classified?

Protists are either unicellular of multicellular organisms. Different types of protists are classified by the characteristics that resemble those of fungi, plants, and animals.

What are five different multi-cellular organisms?

Fungianimalsplantscertain types of protists

What are types of protists?


What are some animal-like protist?

In a 33 chapter microbiology book, 'The Protists' do not Appear until Chapter Number 26! They include five types of Algae, four types of Protozoa, one yeast and six fungi and The Slime Molds.

How are protists and plant and different?

Protists are distinguished from other eukaryotes by their simplicity. Protists have much simpler cells.

Why might someone confuse protists with plants and how are they different?

protists are unicellular

What are the types of animal like protists?

The only organisms that like to eat protists that I have heard of are other species of protists and people fond of Japanese cooking.

What are the three types of protists?

Eugenia, paramicium, and amoeba

Funguslike protists include some types of what?


What are three types of protists?

Eugenia, paramicium, and amoeba

What types of organisms can be classified?

the animal fungi protists .

What are types of movement of protists?

Flagella, Cilia, Pseudo