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All computer systems are always able to perform five basic operations. They include inputting, storing, processing, outputting, and controlling.

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What is the Two basic types of computer software's?

Systems software and applications software.

Why are sound cards required in computer systems?

They are not required for the basic operation of a computer, and many computers do not in fact have one.

Basic building blocks of computer system?

Modules are the basic building blocks of early computer systems. Today, complete embedded computers are build on a single circuit board called a Computer On Module.

What is it called when a person has basic computer skills?

A person who has basic computer skills can be described as "computer literate". This can be described with variety based on whether one has computer skills on Mac or PC operating systems, and which programs they are well-versed in.

What are the five basic operations performed by an computer systems?


What has the author Eugene H Barnett written?

Eugene H. Barnett has written: 'Programming time-shared computers in BASIC' -- subject(s): BASIC (Computer program language), Computer programming, Time-sharing computer systems

What has the author D G Dologite written?

D. G. Dologite has written: 'Developing knowledge-based systems using VP-Expert' -- subject(s): Expert systems (Computer science), VP-expert (Computer file) 'Using computers' -- subject(s): Computer software, Computers 'Using BASIC' -- subject(s): BASIC (Computer program language)

What has the author Alan L Eliason written?

Alan L. Eliason has written: 'Systems development' -- subject(s): System analysis, System design 'Program analysis and design' -- subject(s): IBM Personal Computer, BASIC (Computer program language), Business, Software maintenance, Data processing, Programming 'Introduction to Microsoft Excel for the personal computer' -- subject(s): Business, Computer programs, Electronic spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel (Computer file) 'Business information processing' -- subject(s): Business, Data processing, Management, Management information systems 'Visual Basic 5' 'Microsoft Excel student edition' -- subject(s): Business, Computer programs, Microsoft Excel (Computer file) 'Visual Basic 4.0' -- subject(s): BASIC (Computer program language), Microsoft Visual BASIC 'Online business computer applications' -- subject(s): Business, Data processing

What are the basic operations performed by a Computer?

A computer performs 5 basic operations. They are inputting, storing, processing, outputting and controlling. Computers perform a multitude of tasks.

Basic function of computer?

what the basic function of computer

What has the author Eric Brierley written?

Eric Brierley has written: 'Visual Basic 5 how-to' -- subject(s): BASIC (Computer program language), Microsoft Visual BASIC 'The Waite Group's Visual Basic 6 how-to' -- subject(s): BASIC (Computer program language), Microsoft Visual BASIC

Basic application of computer?

The Basic application of a computer is to Calculate.

What is the basic elements of the South African trial systems and how do they differ from other systems?

What is the basic elements of the South African trial systems and how do they differ from other systems?

What is Computer Basic?

Computer Basic can mean BASIC- a programming language invented in 1964 at Dartmouth College or The basics of how to use a computer.

I am looking for a school where I can learn basic computer skills, including: operating systems (PC and MAC), Internet, and microsoft Office?

Los Angeles City College is a great place for learning basic computer skills. Check out course offerings in both computer science, computer technology, and computer applications/office technologies. The prices are reasonable too!

What are the prerequisites for information systems degree programs?

Basic math and English courses, along with a few basic technology/computer courses, are normally the only prerequisites for information systems programs. Once in the program your courses will become more difficult and focused on your major.

When did Sequent Computer Systems end?

Sequent Computer Systems ended in 1999.

When was Sequent Computer Systems created?

Sequent Computer Systems was created in 1983.

When was Equus Computer Systems created?

Equus Computer Systems was created in 1989.

When was Elitegroup Computer Systems created?

Elitegroup Computer Systems was created in 1987.

When was GST Computer Systems created?

GST Computer Systems was created in 1979.

What is the meaning of basic computer terminology?

what is the meaning of basic computer terminology?

5 basic functions of a computer system?


What has the author Umakishore Ramachandran written?

Umakishore Ramachandran has written: 'Computer systems' -- subject(s): Systems software, Computer systems, Operating systems (Computers), System design, Computer architecture

What is desktop systems?

well desktop systems are computer systems that tell you about the whole enire computer systems... i hope this helped whell bye kate1001

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