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Direct Substitution Th.


Theorem 2

If f(x)<g(x), then limf(x)<limg(x)

Squeeze Theorem

If f(x)<g(x)<h(x)

limf(x)=limh(x)=L, then


Eps - Delta Definition

if 0<|x-a|<d, then |f(x)-L|<Eps.


fuction is cont. if limf(x)=f(a)

Theorem 5

Any polinomial and rational functions are cont.

Theorem 7

Any pol, ration, root, trig, invers, exponent,

and log functions are continuous.

Theorem 8


Intermidiate Value Theorem

If f is cont. [a,b] and N is between

f(a) & f(b), then there is a C between

a & b, such that f(C)=N



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Q: What are the 8 limit theorems of differential calculus?
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