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  1. Statistics is a mere tool and not facts to make strong points for decision making.
  2. Just by using the statistics given it's impossible to make a decision
  3. Statistics just gives a picture of a sample of total population, which may have different outcome in a single incident.
  4. In statistics only the common trend of the data is pictured which may differ with randomly picked single outcome.
  5. How much can be depend on the accuracy and validity of data.
  6. The interpretation of statistics has to be valid and clear
  7. They cannot be generalised to other statistics depending on the subjective topic.


i want these points to be explained in detailed


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Q: What are the Disadvantages of statistics?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of data collection methods in statistics?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of data collection methods in statistics. The main advantages are the metrics and correlation one can draw from statistics. The disadvantages stem from sampling errors.

What are the advantanges and disadvantages of variance in statistics?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of variance in statistics. One disadvantage is that you never know what answer you'll get.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of parametric statistics?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of inferential statistics?

One advantage of inferential statistics is that large predictions can be made from small data sets. However, if the sample is not representative of the population then the predictions will be incorrect.

Disadvantages of the mean in statistics?

the mean is affected by outliers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using official statistics?

Official statistics are more likely to be correct and upto date, however because it is government controlled they maybe bias or not showwing the simple data.

What is a superior observational study?

If we're talking about statistics: There is no superior observational study, each study has its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of descriptive statistics?

Descriptive statistics are very useful for showing and summarizing data when any complex models are nit needed. However, it does not explain the relationship between two or more pieces of data and it does not leave any room to explain randomness in the data.

What is advantages and disadvantages of weighted average?

The advantages of using weighted averages are that it smooths out fluctuations due to statistical outliers. The disadvantage is that this gives a uniformity in the statistics and can make it difficult to project trends.

What are the main branches of statistics?

The two main branches of statistics is Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

What are disadvantages of statistics?

Statistics is quantative analysis tool and therefore only looks a general trends for patterns such as the correlation between two things (such as crime and poverty) with out examining the minutiae of individuals experiences. The other form of analysis is qualitative research, which would comprise things such as case studies, observations or in-depth interviews with the group being analysed. Also statistics can show a link between two things with out finding out which causes which.

Types of statistics?

There are two types of statistics. One is called descriptive statistics and the other is inferential statistics. Descriptive statistics is when you use numbers. Inferential statistics is when you draw conclusions or make predictions.