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Exactly 272. Each step is numbered, so you don't even need to keep count!

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Q: What are the Number of steps at batu caves?
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Where are the Batu Caves located?

The Batu Caves are 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and are located in the Gombak district. The Batu Caves receive their name from the Sungai Batu or Batu River which flows past the hill that the caves are located on.

Who discovered the Batu caves in Malaysia?

The Batu caves were being excavated for guano by Chinese settlers in the 1860's. However they were considered officially discovered by American naturalist William Hornaday in 1878.

What is batu?

In Hawaii batu is slang for crystal methamphetamines

When was Clarias batu created?

Clarias batu was created in 1997.

What is Batu Pahat's population?

Batu Pahat's population is 417,458.

When was Batu Khan born?

Batu Khan was born in 1207.

How tall is Huntun Batu?

Huntun Batu is 179 cm.

Next to which street lies the statue Batu Pahat?

There is no such statue that goes by the name of Batu Pahat. Batu Pahat is actually a district in the state of Johor, Malaysia. Batu Pahat is located southeast of Muar.

Facts on the marble arch caves in co fermanagh?

marble arch caves are really interesting to see and there is 150 steps to climb

When was Batu Pahat Mall created?

Batu Pahat Mall was created in 2007.

When was Batu Siharulidze born?

Batu Siharulidze was born on 1960-05-07.

When was Batu Pahat - town - created?

Batu Pahat - town - was created in 2001.