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Q: What are the Statistics on PTSD in the military?
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Should soldiers with PTSD be able to receive the Purple Heart?

The Military Regulations pertaining to the award of the Purple Heart Medal specifically disallows the medal for PTSD.

How would a speaker most likely help the audience understand the reasons for going to war?

by using military statistics

What is the importance of statistics for military?

Soldiers spend their free-time studying Statistics so that they know mathematical distances and equations how to get them...

How is ptsd characterized as?

my aunt has it ptsd is when you are doing something that reminds you of something else you like and you get sad that is what ptsd is

How much oil does the us military consume?

This should help:

why do people have ptsd?

because they have been through something tramatic

What are phycial characteristics of PTSD?

There are no physical characteristics. PTSD is a mental health disorder.

How do you use ptsd in a sentence?

After returning from combat, the soldier experienced severe PTSD symptoms such as flashbacks and hypervigilance.

What should a leader do if a soidier having PTSD?

What should a leader do if a soidier having PTSD

What does the medical abbreviation PTSD mean?

PTSD is post-traumatic stress disorder.Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Does Zoloft help with ptsd?

It can. I use seriquel to sleep but I also have PTSD and it helps me with stabilizing my moods.

What does the acronym PTSD mean in swimming?

PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder, usually associated with military personnel or someone that has sustained some kind of trauma or traumatic event. When it relates to water, it usually means they had a near drowning incident and have psychological issues with being around water or even the thought of it.