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Additional elements can refers to supplementary items, components, chemicals or substances

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Q: What are the additional elements?
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How could you incorporate additional effective elements into your written communication?

How to incorporate additional effective elements into your written communication?

How many elements are in the periodic tables?

112 elements have been named and additional 6 elements have been tentatively proposed.

What are the top 10 elements in the galaxy?

The most common elements in the Universe are hydrogen and helium. For additional elements, check the Wikipedia article on "Abundance of the chemical elements".

How can you incorporate additional effective elements into written communication?


Why were you asked to put asterisks next to lanthanum and actinium?


What part of the elements of financial statements does additional paid-in capital belong to?


What are elements of additional criminal offenses?

There are only two elements to ANY criminal offense: (1) a criminal act and (2) a criminal intent. That's IT. That's ALL.

What screen elements display the Slide pane and allows you to type additional slide information?

notes pane

How do you reverse the order of element on stack by using one additional stack and some additional non array variables?

You pop elements off of one stack and push them onto the other. This reverses the order of the elements. while ((element = pop(stack1)) != NULL) push(stack2, element);

Where does additional paid in capital belong in the elements of financial statements?

Additional paid in capital is also part of paid in capital of business and shown as an addition to already exists paid in capital of business.

Do all elements in a group have the same oxidation numbers?

There is at least one oxidation number shared by all the elements in a periodic table column, but some of the elements may have more than one oxidation number and some of these additional oxidation numbers may not be possible for all the elements in a column.

How has the periodic tabel chenged through the years?

Additional elements have been discovered and added including the synthetic elements. Some of the previously "synthetic" elements have been discovered to be naturally occurring, and have been changed to reflect this. The Atomic Mass calculations have been improved.