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advantages of using ICT

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Q: What are the advantages of using ict for a leaflet?
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What are the advantages of using ICT in classroom?


What are the Advantages of using leaflets for health promotion?

the advantage of using leaflet in contains information and contanct and informaion what you want

What are the advantages of using ict for business communication?

its accurate,its fast and its efficient

How do you print out a tri fold leaflet?

please tell me this i need to know for my ict h/w

What are the advantages of ICT?

everything is an advantage

What does use ICT to produce your own information leaflet mean do we need to youse a paper or a computer to do it?

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Advantages and disadvantages of ICT?

hevvy mission

What are the advantages of ict communication?

everything is an advantage

What is the advantages of ict in medicine?

x ray

What do you put in a leaflet?

on a leaflet about cotton , you can put: where the cotton comes from, how it's made, what cotton types there are, advantages and disadvantages, and the names and facts about your cotton!!!

Advantages of using ict in business?

there are many advantages in using ICT in businesses. here are a few:it is very easy to store data, and Save things can be saved in many places other than just your computer, for example; external hard drives.organisation is much more easier and better when using a PC.if done efficiently, your work can be very accurate, depending on the user iput.using ICT also means there is unlimited amount of space available to you

What are the advantages of using leaflets?

Leaflets are used to advertise business and functions that are coming up. A leaflet can be instructional as well and easier to store than books or binders.

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