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Q: What are the aerodynamics of a kite?
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What three factors affect how a kite fly?

Wind speed, aerodynamics and the weight of the kite

What name is given to moving air?


Does the shape of the kite affect its flight?

Yes indeed. Aerodynamics is a complex subject and it's researched intensively by scientific communities all over the world. The ultimate shape of a kite with regards to its flight capabilities has not yet been determined, and will most likely still take years to determine.

How are aerodynamics tested?

aerodynamics can be tested by a wind tunnel

What are Aerodynamics of a catapult?

the aerodynamics is the stupid answer that no one knows

What is the branch of aerodynamics?

internal aerodynamics and external aerodynamics. internal is related to flow of ducts and external to going away from the bodies.

What has the author Alfred Gessow written?

Alfred Gessow has written: 'Aerodynamics of the helicopter' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Helicopters 'A survey of computational aerodynamics in the United States' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Data processing

What factors stop humans running faster?

Weight and Aerodynamics Weight and Aerodynamics

Which type of scientist would study the effect of wind on different bike racing helmets?

A physicist specialized in aerodynamics

What is the study of the motion of gas on objects and the forces created?

Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics.

What has the author R A W M Henkes written?

R. A. W. M. Henkes has written: 'Overview of stability and transition in external aerodynamics' -- subject(s): Unsteady flow (Aerodynamics), Boundary layer, Stability of airplanes, Aerodynamics 'Overview of Turbulence Models for External Aerodynamics (Series 01 - Aerodynamics , No 13)'

What has the author M G Kotik written?

M. G. Kotik has written: 'Kriticheskie rezhimy sverkhzvukovogo samoleta' -- subject(s): Spin (Aerodynamics), Stalling (Aerodynamics), Supersonic Aerodynamics 'Dinamika vzleta i posadki samoletov' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics