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Q: What are the answers for Daffynition Decoder D-36 angle part?
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What is the role of decoder of CPU?

The instruction decoder is the part of the CPU that converts the bits stored in the instruction register into control signals need to control other parts of the processor. In CPUs that use microcode, the decoder converts microinstructions into the control signals.

What part are rays of the angle?

They are the sides of an angle.

Is the vertex of an angle in its exterior?

It is in the angle itself because in an angle there is the interior (part) the inside of the angle and the exterior (part) outside the angle and the angle itself so the vertex is in the angle it self it is neither exterior or interior

How do you convert j equations to phase angle equation?

The phase angle is the angle that has a tangent of (imaginary part)/(real part).

What part of speech is angle?

Angle is a verb and a noun.

What the difference between a circle and a angle?

They are quite similar but a angle isbasically part of the circle. if a had an angle of 90 degrees then it is aquarterof the circle. the circle it the whole thing and the angle is part of the thing

How do you read the decoder on poptropica spy island easier?

there is no way but you ca go to youtube and type in walkthrough spyisland part 1

Real life example of a straight angle?

The angle between the part of the street before the STOP sign and the part of the street after the STOP sign is usually a straight angle.

What is difference between 1st angle and 3rd angle projection?

Both third angle and first angle projection display the standard three orthographic views of a part or assembly on a drawing.. The key difference between third angle and first angle is the layout of the part on the sheet.

A ray of light strikes a flat surface of water Part of the light will be reflected and part of the ray will enter the water The angle that is made by the part of the ray that enters the water with?


What are the basic part of an triangle?

angle is the basic part of triangle

What is a interior?

It is the inner part of a angle