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it means halfs

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Q: What are the big lines on a ruler?
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What is difference of cm to mm on a ruler?

The small lines are the mm and the big lines are the cm.

What are the large lines called in ruler?

The large lines indicate a kilometer per big line thingy

How many lines are there in inch and cm of a ruler?

There are 12 inch lines and 30 cm lines in a ruler

Why are the division lines on a ruler different lengths?

why are the division lines on a ruler diffrent lengths

How to read a ruler?

you read a ruler by conting the little lines first

What do you draw straight lines with?

you draw straight lines with a ruler

Is the little lines a ruler centimeters?

If the lines are on the opposite side of the inches on the ruler, then yes. You must keep in mind, however, that a ruler is used for inches and that the centimeters may not be marked.

What is the MM on a ruler?

The millimeters on a ruler are the tiny lines in between each centimeter

What does the lines on the ruler mean?


Does a king use it to draw lines?


Who invented parallel lines?

An Ancient Ruler.

Why is a ruler called a ruler?

Because he rules People "rule" lines - Wikipedia

How do you use a ruler?

the use of ruler is for you to line straightly.1 ruler is equal to 1 foot. there are two lines there, the one is centimeters and inches.

How many lines on a ruler equal one third?

one in every 3 lines is 1/3 of the 3 lines

How do you draw intersecting lines with out perpendicular lines?

using a ruler, draw any two lines that cross each other

What tool can be used to construct parallel lines?


What is a tool used to draw straight lines?

a ruler.

How many cm in meter ruler?

Depends on how big the ruler is. Sizes vary

What are the tiny lines in an inch called what are the tiny lines in an inch called?

The "tiny lines" that make up an inch on a ruler are centimeters.

Which is more accurate a plastic ruler or a steel ruler?

Accuracy has more to do with the measurement lines on the ruler than the material. In terms of making measurements , however, a steel ruler has several advantages to a plastic ruler of the same accuracy. For starters, steel rulers are often thinner than plastic rulers, positioning the measurement lines closer to the paper. As well as this, many steel rulers feature a backing made of a gripping material such as cork, which keeps the ruler firmly planted while drawing lines and making measurements. Lastly, the measurement lines on steel rulers are frequently embedded into the metal, whereas plastic rulers tend to have the lines painted on. After a while, these marks can be worn away, reducing the accuracy and readability of a plastic ruler.

What do the lines on a inch ruler represent?

On a typical inch ruler the smallest lines are 1/16th dimensions. The next biggest are 1/8th", then 1/4", and finally 1/2".

How can I draw this shape without overlapping any lines Just imagine that the lines are connected.?

Use A Ruler

How do you find out if lines are perpendicular?

by shoving a ruler up your vagina

What is the use of ruler?

To measure distance and to draw straight lines

What can you use to make lines?

a ruler, a paper anything straight.