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These r accounting books which is marked with foremost entry of transaction, that's why it is called prime entry .. usually journal is referred as book of prime entry but in big organisations others books are maintained for giving spl importance ..

they r

1.debtors book

2. creditors book

3.bills receiveble

4.bills payable book

6.sales return books

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Q: What are the books of prime entry and why are they so called?
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book of prime entry are the first recorded book. The book of prime have including cash book , sales day book . purchase day book , and so on..

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The word journal has been derived from the French word "Jour" Jour means day. So, journal means daily. Transactions are recorded daily in journal and hence it has named so. As soon as a transaction takes place its debit and credit aspects are analyse and first of all recorded chronologically (in the order of their occurrence) in a book together with its short description. This book is known as journal. Thus we see that the most important function of journal is to show the relationship between the two accounts connected with a transaction. This facilitates writing of ledger. Since transactions are first of all recorded in journal, so it is called book of original entry or prime entry or primary entry or preliminary entry, or first entry. Farhad Rana (SMUCT)

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