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It may have been possible to give a sensible answer to the question if you had specified the two regions. But since you have not bothered to share that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

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Q: What are the capitals of these two regions?
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What are the capitals of the United Kingdom's regions?

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Cardiff is the capital of Wales Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. Other than that, regions are not unambiguously defined and they do not have capitals.

What are some states regions or capitals of Saudi Arabia?

makkah madinah

What 10 capitals are Northh of buenos argentina?

There are only two capitals North of Buenos Argentina. The two capitals are Belgrano and Flores.

Does anystate of India has two capitals?

Kashmir has two capitals:- Jammu in winter and Srinagar in summer.

What 10 capitals well i travel through going north from Buenos?

There are two capitals that travel through the North of Buenos. The two capitals are Belgrano and Flores.

Which is the only state in India which has two capitals?

Kashmir is the only state which has two capitals- Srinagar and Jammu

Can a continent have a capital?

No, a continent cannot have a capital. Capitals are designated for countries or smaller administrative regions within countries, not for entire continents.

Why does Italy have two capitals?

Italy does not have two capitals only one. Rome is the capital city

Are there two capitals of Bolivia?


What are two capitals of japan?


Which country has two capitals and what are the capitals?

Bolivia, a country in South America located next to Chile, is a country that has not one but two capitals. Those two capitals are La Paz and Sucre. La Paz is the administrative capital, while Sucre is the judicial capital.

What is the capital of steppe?

Steppe is an ecoregion. It has no capital because it is not a political region and can be divided into many political regions which have capitals.