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The probability distribution function (pdf) is defined over a domain which contains at least one interval in which the pdf is positive for all values.

Usually the domain is either the whole of the real numbers or the positive real numbers, but it can be a finite interval: for example, the uniform continuous distribution.

Also, trivially,

the pdf is always non-negative,

the integral of the pdf, over the whole real line, equals 1.

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Q: What are the characteristics of continuous distribution?
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In which cases normal distribution is continuos and is not continuous?

The normal distribution is always continuous.

Is continuous distribution convert in discrete distribution?

If the question is asking if a continuous distribution can be converted to a discrete distribution, the answer is yes. Your age has a continuous distribution but in most cases, the information is recorded and analysed as if it were the whole number of years - a discrete distribution.

Is the standard normal distribution is continuous?

Yes, the normal distribution, standard or not is always continuous.

Is the exponential distribution discrete or continuous?


Is the gaussian distribution discrete or continuous?

It is continuous.

Is f distribution a discrete distribution?

No, it is continuous.

Is the f distribution a continuous distribution?


Is chi square distribution is continuous distribution?


Is a normal distribution discrete?

No, it's a continuous distribution.

What kind of distribution is exponential distribution?

Exponential distribution is a function of probability theory and statistics. This kind of distribution deals with continuous probability distributions and is part of the continuous analogue of the geometric distribution in math.

What are the differences between discrete and continuous distribution?

discrete distribution is the distribution that can use the value of a whole number only while continuous distribution is the distribution that can assume any value between two numbers.

Definition of distribution of power?

The power distribution is a continuous distribution with a parameter that we will denote k.