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Q: What are the charges Embezzlement of 500000?
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Can you face criminal charges for stealing from an estate?

Yes, fraud, embezzlement and theft are all possible charges.

Is 70.00 embezzlement in Michigan felony or misdemeanor?

If that is all the charges that they have filed with the DA then it is a misdemeanor.

What is considered a felony for embezzlement in Oklahoma and how long does an employer have to file charges if they choose to?

In Oklahoma, embezzlement is considered a felony if the value of the property embezzled exceeds $1,000. The statute of limitations for an employer to file charges for embezzlement is generally seven years from the date of the offense. However, it's important to consult an attorney or check the specific details of the case, as the statute of limitations can vary depending on certain factors.

Can charges for embezzlement be filed by a district manager not the corporation?

Yes, he can. The District Manager is a representative of the company's management, and as such is charged with looking after the company's interests.

What can a man be charged with if he has power of attorney and spends the money of that person?

It depends on your state's laws. Embezzlement and/or fraud would be the most likely charges.

To steal money from your employer is to?


What is 30 percent off 500000.00?

30% off of 500000 = 35000030% off of 500000= 30% discount applied to 500000= 500000 - (30% * 500000)= 500000 - (0.30 * 500000)= 500000 - 150000= 350000

What is 11 percent of 500000?

11 percent of 500000 = 55000 11% of 500000 = 11% * 500000 = 11%/100% * 500000 = 0.11 * 500000 = 55000

What rhymes with embezzlement?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word embezzlement.

What is 7 percent of 500000?

7% of 500000 = 7% * 500000 = 0.07 * 500000 = 35000

What are the embezzlement penalties in Washington state?

An embezzlement of that amount would undoubtedly be a 'felony' offense.

500000 plus 500000?

1000,000use a calculator if you need to but I knew dis off by heart because I love maths, anyways 500000+500000=1million!