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Q: What are the common similarities of a rectangle?
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What are the similarities of a square and rectangle?

For a start, a square IS a rectangle, so it has ALL the properties of a rectangle. A square has the additional property that all of its sides have the same length.

What is the similarities between ractangle and parallelogram?

The similarities are rectangle is shape like L and the other 1 I sharp as an equal

What do rectangle trapezoid square triangle and the parallelogram have in common?

They are all polygons.

What does a rhombus have in common with a rectangle?


Do a trapezoid and a rectangle have a itching in common?

No they do not.

What is the difference and similarities between a rectangle and parallelogram?

Similitude : Le rectangle et le parallélogramme ont quatre cotés parallèles deux à deux Différence : seul le rectangle a quatre angles droits (90°)

Is a piano a rectangle?

Depends on the type of piano I guess. Most keyboards are rectangle shaped, there are rectangle/square shaped grand pianos but they are not common, most uprights are rectangle.

What do a rectangle and a heptagon have in common?

They are both polygons.

What does a rectangle and rhobus have in common?

They are both quadrilaterals.

A rectangle is never a square?

never - the only thing it may have is common is that a simple rectangle will have four right angles. But a rectangle is not simple, it is complex.

What do a square a rectangle and a rhombus have in common?

all quadrolaterants

What does a rectangle have in common with triangles?

they both have straight edges