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William Oughtred was the inventor of the Slide Rule which allowed mathematical operations such as multiplication and division to be calculated by reading values from graduated scales. Slide rules were still commonly used in the 1970's and early 1980's but with the invention of modern electronic calculators, the use of the slide rule has declined.

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Q: What are the contributions of William Oughtred in Mathematics?
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What did William Oughtred create?

William Oughtred was an English mathematician who is credited as the inventor of the slide rule for multiplication and division in 1622. Oughtred also introduced the "x" symbol for multiplication along with the abbreviations "sin" and "cos" for the sine and cosine functions in mathematics. Another thing that he created was the double horizontal sundial, which is now called the Oughtred-type after him.

What is William Oughtred's birthday?

William Oughtred was born on March 5, 1575.

When was William Oughtred born?

William Oughtred was born on March 5, 1575.

When did William Oughtred die?

William Oughtred died on June 30, 1660 at the age of 85.

How old was William Oughtred at death?

William Oughtred died on June 30, 1660 at the age of 85.

Who is William Oughtred?

an English mathematician

How old is William Oughtred?

William Oughtred was born on March 5, 1575 and died on June 30, 1660. William Oughtred would have been 85 years old at the time of death or 440 years old today.

Which device did William oughtred invented?

the fuse

What are the inventions of William Oughtred?

slide rule

What did William Oughtred invented?

the computer

Where did the oughtred slide rule invented?

william oughtreds

Who invented the multiplacation sign?

William Oughtred invented it in 1631.