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The y intercept will be where the x-coordinate is zero, so set x=0 in the equation and you have: 0 + y = -9, or y = -9. Coordinate (0,-9)

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Q: What are the coordinates of the y-intercept in the graph of the equation x plus y equals negative 9?
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What ordered pair is a solution of the equation 5x plus 3y equals negative 7?

The coordinates of every one of the infinitely many points on the line defined by the equation is a solution.

What are the coordinates of the x intercept for the equation y equals x plus 1?

The coordinates of the x intercept for the equation y equals x plus 1 is (x=-1, y=0).

What are coordinates of the x- intercept of the equation -3y equals 8-2x?


What points are on the line given by the equation y equals x?

Y Equals X PointsAll points that has the same y coordinates as x coordinates are on the y=x line.

What are coordinates for -4x plus 9y equals 0?

-4x + 9y = 0 is the equation of a line in the Cartesian plane and the coordinates of any of the infinite number of points on that line will satisfy the equation.

What equation equals negative three?

5 -8

In a number plane if x equals negative 2 y equals 9 and in the same plane another x equals negative 1 and y equals 7 what is the linear equation?

A suitable equation for that would be y is equal to negative 2 times x plus five

What numbers equation equals negative 8?


What is the value of y in the equation '2 plus y equals negative 3'?

It is negative 5.

What is three minus negative nine with the work?

3-(-9) Considering a negative plus a negative equals a positive your equation can be rewritten as 3+9 Which equals 12

8y plus 4 equals -3x?

is an equation of a line in plane coordinate geometry. The coordinates of every point on that line satisfy the equation so there are an infinite number of solutions to the equation.

Graph the equation and identify the y-intercept y equals 5x-7?