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Q: What are the criticisms leveled against the cartesian interactionism?
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To be equal in position or standard?

To be leveled or level. Hope this helps From ?

How do you get easy 40 ranged?

1 - 5 Ranged: Rats 6 - 20 Ranged: Goblins 21 - 30 Ranged: Barbarians 31 - 40 Ranged: Higher leveled Goblins in the Stonghold of Security

What is average cost per sq ft to have a floor leveled?

Labor Prices Fees & charges change from town to town, region to region, the best ways I can suggest to find a good range is : Run a short ad in Craigslist, that will likely get you someone hungry & maybe unlicensed so you will know the cheapest price. Then call the local Home Depot or Lowes & ask what they charge if you buy your tile from them??? That will be the highest price in the market Now you would have a good range & then its time to look for quality & references... a steal on tile or a great price on labor, can be VERY COSTLY if you give the job to a butcher.. My bet will be you will find someone on the low end at about $2 per sq ft & that the depot will be $6-8 bucks a foot after they do all the add ins... Get it in writing...Never pay for it all upfront

Is a Mensa Level IQ considered a genius?

No, the IQ entry level for Mensa membership is extremely high, by average adult IQ scores, but is not consi considered genius, but there are Memsa members, who test much higher than the entry level, who do have what is considered genius level IQ. There have been many changes to the ways IQ is tested, including EQ, which consider other, more everyday logical & social intelligence. Also, the old "Gold Standard" test was found the be very culturally biased, for instance, the question, "Cup is a word that matches with: A) bowl, B) table, C) saucer". The correct answer was "saucer", but in people who come from cultures who have never used saucers, "Table" would be the correct answer, but would be scored as incorrect. In recent years, the tests have allegedly been changed to eliminate this unfair biased towards people raised in societies not their own, & have leveled the playing field.

Why was Moses absolved of the charge of murder?

The killing of the Midianite Children (Num 31:17-18).This is what one angry skeptic wrote to me about the killing of the Midianite children:-He also showed that he cared for the Isrealites. Here's what he told them they could get from the Midianites:17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man,18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.Numbers 31:17-18.Here the Israelites are allowed to take Midianite virgins as sexual plunder. I guess God didn't care much for the Midianites, though. Don't try to play the "But the Midianites were sinful people!" because you know that, according to scripture, you deserve to die as much as the Midianites do. But you're going to be hard pressed to find scripture that supports being turned into slave-whores as just punishment for sin.By the way, the "boys" in verse 17 are children. Here god doesn't just ignore the murder of children; he orders it.Answer:A detail of the account reveals that God commanded the deaths of those people... not Moses. The Bible also reveals that the Creator Lord God who commanded it was none other than JESUS CHRIST -- [John 1:3]."And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Avenge the children of Israel of the Midianites..." (Num.31:1).Also... no charges of murder were ever leveled against Moses for it in the Bible -- so, there was nothing to be absolved of.Plus, it's pretty certain, in keeping with the progression of things throughout the Old Testament, that God [Jesus] would have killed Moses for disobeying Him had he not complied with His command.Like God's church, today... the Israelites were ruled by God, not Moses... or any other man. God was their King and Ruler. He was their Sovereign King to whom they were responsible, and to whom they vowed OBEDIENCE."...if ye will OBEY MY VOICE indeed, and keep My covenant, then shall ye be a peculiar treasure UNTO ME above all people: for all the earth is Mine: and ye shall be UNTO ME a Kingdom of Priests, and an Holy nation..." (Ex.19:5-6)."And all the people answered together, and said, All that the Lord hath spoken WE WILL DO..." (verse 8).Nowhere in the "Midianite" account is the word "murder" offered [certainly, not by God; Jesus Christ]. It's men in their hauteur who level those charges against God outside of the Bible.

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What are current criticisms leveled against the US federal reserve system?

Simply because the Federal Reserve is not Federal at all. It is a PRIVATELY owned corporation, just like the IRS.

What are the criticisms of the theories of industrial relations?

Some of the criticisms leveled against the known theories of industrial relations are that they do not give the same results in every organization where they are applied. Some are also considered to be to idealistic and rigid. Many organizations prefer to mix the recommendations of different theories at once.

How do you use baseless in a sentence?

That was a baseless accusation that you leveled against me.

What does leveled mean in this sentence but in 1896 a fire leveled the mammoth pachyderm?

leveled mean to shorten

What charges were leveled against the count of morcerf?

1)He abused his officer in the past when he was the captain of French army. 2)He took bribes from the Turks in 1828 and handed over the "Fortress of Yanina".

What if the soviets would have launched a conventional war against china in 1969?

China would have been leveled....end of discussion.

Anybody have a high leveled runescape account that you can have?

Account trading is against the rules of RuneScape. Please create, and build up, your own account.

Term for making ruthless and unfair charges against opponents such as those leveled by a red hinting Wisconsin senator in the 1950's?


Why does washing machine has a clanking sound when it spins?

It might be clicking because you have something solid in there. It may be a zipper that hits against the walls.

How do you get very high leveled Pokemon in ruby?

You can find high leveled Pokemon at sky pillar and victory road.

What is a sentence with the word leveled in it?

He levelled up on Candy Crush.The ground was levelled out for the new building.

Was William Howe a spy?

Although there were accusations against him and his brother during the Revolutionary War, a British parliamentary inquiry into their actions in 1779 was unable to confirm any of the charges leveled at them.