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16 oz = 1 lb

2,000 lb = 1 T

32,000 oz = 1 T

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Q: What are the customary units of mass?
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Which unit will best a the mass of a brick?

If you are wondering in Customary units, the answer is probably pounds.

What are the customary units for measuring mass?

Gramm (g) Weird countries sometimes use other units such as ounces or pounds.

What are the customary units of length?

customary units of length is yards,feet,miles,and inches

What is the customary units of measuements?

In the SI system (metric), length is a meter, mass is the kilogram, and time is the second.

Definiton of Customary Unit?

A Customary Unit or non-SI unit is a measurement unit that is not part of the metric system. Customary units are mainly units of the Imperial system but they could be localised customary units - such as Gaj (for area) is South Asia.

Are centimeters metric units or customary units?


What customary unit would you use to measure a horse?

What about a horse? There are different units to measure its height, mass, speed, etc.

Is six pounds using customary units?

If you are talking about weight, it is quite customary to me.

How do you convert customary units of length?

It depends on what you consider to be "customary" and what you wish to convert them to.

What are customary units of length?

inches are the answer

What are examples of customary units?


What is the customary unit used for temperature?

Fahrenheit, if you're talking about U.S. Customary units.

Are weight and mass measured in the same units?

No. Mass units include the gram, kilogram, metric ton, poundmass, and slug. Weight is measured in units of force, including newton, US ton, and poundforce. The common "pound" used to describe weight in the US customary system is the poundforce.

What are the customary units for measuring temperature?


What is the US measurement called?

Customary Units

What is the width of a sidewalk in customary units?


Which units are customary and which ones are metric?


Is mass customary?


What is the name given to the system of units used in the US?

U.S. customary units

What do you use to convert customary units and metric units?

You use conversion factors.

Is a liter us customary?

Liter is used in the United States, but it is not one of the US customary units.

What does the customary system measure?

U.S. customary is a system of units that measures the same things that the SI (Systeme International) system of units measure. U.S. Customary is different though, in the way it is derived. The SI system is based on 6 basic concepts, Mass (kg), Time (s), Length (m), Temperature (K), Luminous Intensity(lm), and Electric Current (A). Because mass does not change, SI is considered an absolute system. U.S. customary is based on the pound, which is a unit of force, similar to the Newton in SI units. Because force can change depending on various conditions, U.S. Customary is considered a derived system of measurements. For example, the U.S. Customary unit for mass is the slug. A slug is defined as the amount of mass that can be accelerated at 1ft/s2 by 1 lb. of force. A Newton on the other hand is defined in terms of kilograms, meters, and seconds. This is why if you weigh 150 lb., your mass is only 4.66 slugs or 68.0 kg, and therefore, 667.08 Newtons.

What should you do to change the value of SI units to a value in US customary units?

Suppose an object has a mass of 234 kg. m = ( 239 kg ) ( 2.2046 lbm / kg ) ( 1 slug/ 32.17 lbm ) m = 16.4 slugs <------------ or m = ( 239 kg ) ( 1 slug / 14.59 kg ) = 16.4 slugs <------- The mass unit in the U.S. Customary System is the slug.

How much is a cubit in customary units?

About 17 inches...

Is there a way to remember is customary units of measurement?