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Point Guard Shooting Guard Small forward Power Forward Center

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Q: What are the defensive position in basketball?
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What is a defensive position?

In basketball, the defensive position is the stance you are in while guarding an opponent (defense) in basketball.

When an post player in basketball has position and the defensive player uses his legs to move that player out of the post is that a foul?


How do you guard someone in basketball?

get in defensive position, slide with them, keep your hands up, and stay in front of them!!! and don't forget to blockout!

What do you do to effectively guard someone in basketball?

get in defensive position, slide with them, keep your hands up, and stay in front of them!!! and don't forget to blockout!

In basketball what is the distance a defensive player has to give the offensive player throwing the ball in from out of bounds?

The defensive player just has to be on the inbounds part of the court. As long as they do not break the plane or touch the offensive player they are in a legal position.

What is the defensive side in a basketball game?

The defensive side in a basketball game is the team trying to prevent the other team to score by blocking their shots, stealing the ball or rebounding on the defensive end of the court.

What is the basketball position SF?

The basketball position SF is Small Forward.

What is an defensive tactic in basketball?

there is no devensive tactic in basketballl

Does youth basketball have a defensive 3 second rule?


Does the offensive or defensive team have possession of the basketball?


What is a defensive end?

A defensive end is the name of a defensive position in American and Canadian football, situated at each end of the defensive line.

What was Dwayne Johnson's position?

Defensive end

Dl position in football?

Defensive Lineback

What position is dm in lacrosse?

Defensive Middie

What are basketball transition points?

points made from a defensive rebound

How do you commit an defensive foul in basketball?

by hitting pushing triping

How long does a defensive basketball player have in the lane?

As long as they want.

What is a position in basketball with the word front in it?

There is no such position!

What is the best defensive basketball player?

There are many different opinions on who the greatest defensive basketball player ever was. However one of the most popular opinions is that Michael Jordan was the best.

What is a line backer?

Line Backer is an American football position. It is a defensive position.

What position does DE stand for in football?

defensive end

What position in NFL has the most sacks?

Defensive end.

What position did Bob Stoops play?

Defensive back

What Football Defensive position is a monster?

nose tackle

What position does Bob Lily play?

Defensive tackle.