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Ab + xy ---> ay + xb

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The formula for the compound formed between potassium and the chlorate ion is

Is hydrogen a diatomic element

True or false the first element in a compound should have no charge

Correct formula for a compound formed between calcium and phosphate

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Q: What are the descriptions can a double replacement equation be recognized?
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In a double-replacement reaction .?

The general equation is:AB + CD = AD + CB

What is the model equation for a double replacement reaction?

AB + CD ==> AD + CB

What kind of equation is CuSO4 plus Zn yields ZnSO4 plus Cu?

double replacement

How the equation Caco3 plus h2so4 - caso4 plus h2o plus CO2?

double replacement

Which is a general equation for an endothermic double replacement reaction?

AB + CD + energy --> AD + CB

Which term is used for the chemical equation that lists only those ions that take part in a double-replacement reaction?

D.) net ionic equation -plato

What does the chemical equation MgI AlO equal?

If it's a double replacement reaction, then 3MgI2 + Al2O3 --> 3MgO + 2AlI3

Chemical equation for K2S plus BaCl2?

This is a simple double replacement reaction: K2S + BaCl2 = 2KCl + BaS

Does photosynthesis represent a single replacement reaction?

No, it is a double replacement reaction. Photosynthesis is not a single reaction pathway but two, one dependent on the other. Therefore, your answer is photosynthesis is a double replacement reaction. The chemical equation for photosynthesis is: 6CO2 + 6H2O --> C6H12O6 + 6O2 Also, since you start AND end with two compounds, that also makes it a double replacement reaction.

What is the balanced chemical equation for the double replacement of H2C2O4 KOH?

It's a neutralization reaction. H2C2O4 + 2KOH -> 2H2O + K2C2O4

What is the balanced equation for lithium hydroxide and potassium chloride?

LiOH + KCl-->LiCl + KOH This is an example of a double-replacement reaction.

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