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the difference between the third and over the third or under the third line is that they are difference

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Q: What are the difference in stem positions when notes are placed on the third over the third or under the third lines of the staff?
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What are the sets of five lines upon which musical notes are placed?


What are the lines that musical notes are written on called?

The lines that musical notes a written on are called a musical staff, or sometimes a stave. When extra notes are required above or below the staff, they are placed on shorter lines known as ledger lines.

A series of five lines and four spaces where the notes are placed?

The answer to this riddle is "sheet music" or any other term for musical notation. The five lines and four spaces represent the lines and spaces on a staff. The notes are notes of music.

What are those black notes on horizontal black lines on musical papers?

The staff is a system of five lines where we write music notes. The pitches of the notes are determined by the clef sign. The clef is placed in the left side of the staff.

What is a musical symbol that marks the reference point for where notes are placed on the lines and spaces of the staff called?


These notes are all on the lines?


What are the five lines called that the music is written on?

The five lines are called a stave. Some notes fall below or above the stave, if so they will be marked with small lines to show where they would have been placed.

What does a G note look like?

All notes look similar. The difference is the line or space it is placed on and its stem.

What is a ledger lines?

A short line placed above or below a staff to accommodate notes higher or lower than the range of the staff.

Composers write music by placing notes in different positions on what?

A staff. Not the wooden kind, but the kind with five lines that almost always requires a clef sign.

What are the notes outside the staff called?

The notes outside the staff do not have a collective name, but they are referred to as being notes on "ledger lines".

What are the notes in the lines of a BASS clef?

the notes a e abcgh

What are the positions on a trombone for all scales?

There are seven positions that can play 3-4 notes each

When notes are placed in order in a notes section following the text you call them?


These notes are all on the lines.?


What are the notes on the music staff?

they are music notes on the lines of a peace of music

Trombone slide positions for A sharp scale?

The notes and positions for A-sharp are exactly the same as for B-flat.

Musical notes are writtenon 5 lines what are these lines called?

a staff!

What are Extra lines for high notes or low notes?

I don't know LOL

Is there a difference between a piano notes and guitar notes?

There is a difference between piano notes and guitar notes. These notes are played on very different instruments producing very different sounds.

When treble clef notes are written in the bass clef or bass clef notes are written in the treble clef they use additional little lines what are these lines called?

They are called ledger lines.

What musical symbol is used to indicate pitch of note?

The value of what note serves as the basis for the relative value of all other notes?

Is the treble clef lower in sound than the bass clef?

Clefs do not have 'sounds'. They are merely tools to indicate where on the musical stave notes are to be placed. However, the treble clef 'places' higher notes than the bass clef. If a clef is placed in the middle of the staff, then the notes that follow that clef are of that clef. For example, if the bass clef is placed on the treble staff, the notes that follow it are to be interpreted as "bass clef" notes and played using lower notes on the piano. The opposite is true if the treble clef is placed on the bass staff.

What are the classification of notes and rests?

The notes in music mean that sounds are happening. Rests in music are periods of strategically placed silences in between the notes.

What is the line that holds a half note called?

The five lines and four spaces on which notes on a musical page are written, are called a Staff. A Treble Clef and Bass Clef staff are combined for piano music. All notes, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, etc. are placed on a staff or if they are higher than the staff allows, they use ledger lines. In a piano staff, a ledger line is a short line between the two staffs that is shown when the note Middle C is notated. Ledger lines can also be above the top staff or below the bottom staff.