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Identity management has many different dimensions in order to protect a company's or just personal information. It is a necessary and key attribute to keeping a company running smoothly. Protecting confidential information, verifying potential threats, storing massive amounts of information are some of the issues identity management can prevent.

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Q: What are the different dimensions of Identity Management?
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What is the purpose of federated identity management?

The definition of Federated Identity Management is: The Management of Identity Information across security domains. It is having a common set of practices, policies, and protocols to manage identity across organizations.

How does one join online identity management?

Online identity management can be signed up online, this will provide multiple online benefits including user management, mobile identity management, single sign on benefits.

How can identity management be helpful to a company?

Identity Management can be very beneficial to a company in many ways. One of the most important ways is for security purposes. Identity Management can help all staff be prepared for any incident.

Where can one find information on digital identity management?

One can find information on digital identity management from many different online sources. Wikipedia has a page dedicated to this topic. There are also many articles that have been written in regards to this topic as well.

What are Dimensions and determinants of organizational climate?

The dimensions and determinants of organizational climate are Management of mistakes, orientation, interpersonal relationships, supervision, problem management, conflict management, communication, decision making, trust, management of rewards, taking risk, and innovation.

What is identity management?

Identity management is the ability to control a network of people whether it is an organization, an office building or a team. The identities of the individuals are managed at all times.

What is the relationship between supply chain management and operation management?

operations management focuses on on quality dimensions which require knowldge of operations management

Dimensions of information systems?

organizations, management and (information) technology

Is self-esteem different from identity?

is self-esteem similar but different from identity?

What kind of products does the Oracle Finance website offer?

The Oracle Finance website offers many different products for financial management solutions. Some of these products include Data Warehousing, Siebel and Identity Management.

What is last step in composite risk management?

Identity hazards

What is the last step in the composition risk management?

Identity hazards