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Health Worker View of Holistic Health:

1. Individual perspective

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Social health
  • Spiritual health

2. Societal perspective

Philosophical View of Holistic Health:

Health is the foundation for achieving a person's realistic potential: it enables people to fulfil their own potential. It is about empowering people; enabling them to become all they are capable of becoming

Socialist View of Holistic Health:

The extent to which an individual/group is able to realize aspirations, satisfy needs and cope with the environment

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Q: What are the different dimensions of holistic health?
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What is a term used to encompass mental emotional social and spiritual dimensions of health?

A term used to encompass mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health is "holistic". A holistic view takes into account all aspects of a person, in wellness and in illness, in living and in the process of dying.

Can holistic health and conventional health be integrated?

You can ask a doctor about holistic health. Most Holistic doctors also know about normal treatment.

How can I get a holistic health certification?

There are many schools that offers holistic health certifications such as hawthorn university you can find them at . There is also which will help you find the one thats right for you .

Is Holistic health is a new form of medicine?

No, because the original from of medicine was holistic

What do holistic health practitioners do?

Their focus is "holistic" - "on the whole." They consider all areas of the patient's health as integrated and interdependent, including physical health, mental and emotional health, spirituality, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Does holistic health involve aromatherapy?

Sometimes holistic health involves aromatherapy. The best way to decide which treatment is the best for you is to talk to your doctor.

Where can on find information about holistic definition?

You can find information about holistic definitions from various sources such as books on holistic health, websites related to holistic living or alternative medicine practices, and through reputable experts in the field of holistic health. Additionally, holistic health centers or practitioners often provide resources and information about holistic definitions and practices.

What is the American Holistic Health Association?

The American Holistic Health Association promotes awareness of health with loads of information and resources. You can check out their website if you'd like.

A holistic approach to health defines health in terms of the whole person?

A holistic approach to health considers all aspects of a person's needs: mental, social, spiritual, and physical.

Does anybody know how someone gets holistic health?

The American Holistice Health Association would be a good place to go. The have information from what Holistic Health is and what to know when chosing the right provider with you. Also check with you health insurance, all though many are still do not covering Holistic Healthcare

An example of holistic concept of health?


What are some holistic health remedies for weight loss?

Some holistic health remedies include not eating twinkies and drinking tea to improve gastro-intestinal regularity. ALso, duct tape to the mouth is pretty holistic.