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Right, acute, and obtuse...

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Q: What are the different kinds of angles in trigonometry?
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What are the kinds of angles in trigonometry?

adjacent opposite hypotenuse

When did angles first become known in trigonometry?

Angles were known before trigonometry. Trigonometry was the study of angles and their relationship to shapes.

What are the angles in trigonometry?

Angles in trigonometry are the same as any other angles. They are a measure of the separation between two lines which meet at a point.

What are the different application of trigonometry?

Trigonometry is used to find the properties of triangles and Pythagoras' theorem is used to find the lengths and angles of right angle triangles.

What is the difference between angles of trigonometry and angles of geometry?

In geometry, angles are studied mostly in relation to each other. In Trigonometry, angles are studied in relation to side lengths and triangles.

How are geometry and trigonometry different?

Geometry is the study of spatial properties (shapes, sizes, etc.), while trigonometry is the study of triangles and the relationships between angles and lengths.

What the different kinds of angles?

acute, Right, and obtuse

How do you solve trigonometry proves?

by calculating the angles

What are trigonometry?

"IS" not "are"! The numerical study of angles and their functions.

What is Principle of trigonometry?

The basic principle of trigonometry is that there are mathematical relationships between the sides and angles of a triangle.

How many kinds of trigonometry are there in mathematics?

Two types of trigonometry are recognized: planar and spherical. Planar is 2-dimensional, while spherical is 3-dimensional. Though these are different fields, spherical trigonometry is really just an application of planar trigonometry in several planes.

What are the types of angles in trigonometry?


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