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circle triangle square rectangle trapezoid

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What are the different kinds of space figures?

There are different kinds of space figures. The names of these space figures are rectangular prisms, cubes, pyramids, and cylinder.

What are the basic formula of plane figures?

Different figures have different formulae; here you will find formulae for the areas of some figures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Area#Formulae

Different kinds of mirrors?

the different kinds of mirrors were the plane mirrors, curve mirrors or concave and convex mirror.

What are the four kinds of parabolas?

Conic Sections are figures that can be formed by slicing a three dimensional right circular cone with a plane. There are different ways to do this, and each way yields a different figure. These figures can be represented on the graph as well as algebraically. The four conic sections are circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas.

What are action figures made out of?

All different kinds of material, but mostly plastic

What plane figures can you make if you trace one?

The number of plane figures that can be traced, is that every plane figure can be traced!

Are circles plane figures?

Yes, plane figures are flat, not 3-dimensional shapes.

Area and perimeter of plane figures?

the area and perimeter of the plane figures are square ,rectangle

What is the formula in finding the area of each plane figure?

There are different formulae for different plane figures. Since there are infinitely many possible shapes there are infinitely many formulae.

What are the plane figures?

Plane figures are those that have a length and width but no height. they are two dimensional or flat.

What are plane figures in 2nd grade math?

Plane figures are flat (2-dimensional) shapes.

What is the area of a plane figures?

the any sides of figures.....

What are the different kinds of spatial figures?

rectangular prism, cube, cylinder, sphere, pyramid etc.

What are the 5 plane figures?

There are infinitely many plane figures, not just five! A circle, ellipse, A triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, and on and on. And then there are mixed figures such as a semicircle, a segment of an ellipse. Not forgetting plane figures that have "random" boundaries.

What is kinds of figures?

is an electromagnetism

All trapezoids are?

plane figures.

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