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Triangle has 3 sides

Quadrilateral has 4 sides

Pentagon has 5 sides

Hexagon has 6 sides

Heptagon has 7 sides

Octagon has 8 sides

Nonagon has 9 sides

Decagon has 10

Undecagon has 11 sides

Dodecagon has 12 sides

And there are many more because polygon means many sides

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Q: What are the different kinds of polygons according to number of sides?
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If you meant "What kinds of polygons are there?", all I can say is that the number of sides ranges from 3 to infinity. And then, the angle can vary. So there are many different types of polygon, but to the end, there is one thing common to all is that the exterior angle for all polygons is always 360 degrees.

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You cannot "solve the kinds of polygons". There are essentially three types of polygons: Regular polygons in which each angle is the same and each side is the same. Irregular convex polygons in which at least one angle or one side are different but there are no reflex angles. Concave polygons in which there is at least one reflex angle. Convex and concave are usually defined in terms of whether or not the enclosed space is closed, but the above definitions may be simpler to grasp.

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There are infinitely many polygons, with 3 or more sides. 3 = triangle 4 = quadrilateral 5 = penatgon 6 = hexagon 7 = heptagon and so on for ever.

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