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90 feet x 30 feet x 45 feet To visualize total floor area, let's compare it with the following; Dimensions for a Basketball court are as follows: #1 NBA/NCAA - regulation basketball court size is 94' long by 50' wide. = 4,700 sq. ft #2 High School regulation basketball court size is 84' long by 50' wide. = 4,200 sq. ft #3 Jr. High School basketball regulation court size 74' long and 42' wide. = 3108 sq. Tennis Doubles 36' x 78'. = 2808 sq. ft Tennis Singles 27' x 78'. = 21056 sp.ft Solomon's temple; 90 feet x 30 = 2700 sq.ft.

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Q: What are the dimension length x width x height of King Solomons Temple in feet?
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The dimensions of Solomons temple are found in 1 Kings chapter 6. The temple's length is in verse 2.

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