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If the length of a side is x inches then the volume is s3 cubic inches.

So s = cuberoot(vol)

ie s = cuberoot(514.125) = 8.011 inches (to 4 sf).

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Q: What are the dimensions of a cube box if the volume is 514.125 in cubed?
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What is the similarity ratio of a cube with volume 729 m cubed to a cube with a volume 3375 m cubed?

The sides (linear dimensions) of the cubes are in the ratio of 0.6 .

What are the dimensions of a cube that has a volume of 500?

Each side of the cube is 7.937 (rounded) units since 7.937 cubed is 500

Why is the exponent three called cubed?

Cubed is the third dimension because it is a cube. A cube has three dimensions of equal amount. A cube of three-inch sides, to get its volume you'd multiply three times three times three, which is three cubed.

A cube has a volume of 64 cubic centimeters what are the cubes dimensions?

4 cubed = 64. So the cube is 4x4x4.Answer:We know that the volume of a cube = Side3 cubic centimeters.Given that the volume of the cube is 64 cubic centimeters.We need to find the dimensions of the cube.Side3 = 64Side3 = 43Side = 4 centimeters.Source:

Why is the exponent 3 called cubed?

This is related to the fact that a cube has three dimensions. Basically, the volume of a cube is calculated by raising the length of a side to the third power.

What are the dimensions of a cube if the volume is 125 cm cubed?

Edges: 5 cmDiagonal space: 8.66 cmSurface area: 150 cm2

What is cubic centimeter?

A cubic centimeter is used to describe volume in the measurement of centimeters. Just as area is squared, volume is cubed. Ex: The volume of a cube with dimensions of 4cm.height, by 4cm. width, and 4cm. length is found by 4cm.x4cm.x4cm., giving you64cm. cubed.

How many cubes have the volume of 24 cm cubed?

There is only one cube with that volume, because a cube has to have all sides the same, and so therefore the only cube would have the dimensions of approximately: 2.8 X 2.8 X 2.8

Find the exact volume of a cube with sides of 3 meters?

The volume of a cube is the edge length cubed. So, 3m cubed = a volume of 27 cubic meters.

What is the volume of a cube of side 4c?

The volume of a cube is width times depth times height and all sides are equal because it is a cube, therefore the volume is (4C) cubed or 64 (C)cubed.

Volume in meters cubed of a cube with 13 cm edges?

The volume of this cube is 2,197 cm3

What is the volume of a cube with an edge of 40cm?

40cm times 40cm times 40cm equals 64,000cm. The volume of the cube is 64,000cm cubed or 0.064m cubed.