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Q: What are the dimensions of a double bedspread?
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What is the dimensions for a RV short queen bedspread?


How many yards of material to make a bedspread for double bed?


How many syllables does the word bedspread?

Bedspread has two syllables in it.

Is there a domo bedspread?

Yes you can find a domo bedspread in asia.

What is the sentence for bedspread?

She folded down the bedspread after making the bed.

What is a easy sentence for bedspread?

I bought a new bedspread yesterday.

Where can you buy Molly's bedspread from the Mike and Molly show?

You can try to find a bedspread like Molly's from the Mike and Molly show at specialty bedspread stores. The show has not publicly announced where their bedspread came from.

What is the plural form of bedspread?

The plural form for the compound bedspread is bedspreads.

What is a bedspread?

A bedspread is a topmost covering of a bed, often serving as a blanket.

Will a green bedspread go with red curtains?

Yes, a green bedspread can compliment red curtains, especially if the green bedspread incorporates red (i.e. a tropical bedspread blends both red and green).

How does the volume change when you double the dimensions?

If you double dimensions in the x, y and z direction, then the volume will be multiplied by 8 (2x2x2)

What will happen to the perimeter of a square if you double the dimensions?

It will also double.