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V = (area of base * height)/3

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Q: What are the dimensions of a pyramid?
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What is the volume of this rectangular pyramid?

I need the dimensions of the pyramid to be able to answer this question.

How many dimensions does a triangular pyramid have?

It is a solid object and so has 3 dimensions.

What are the dimensions of the Pyramid of Cheops?

if you go you would see the dimensions and they are sea sands

What are the dimensions of the great pyramid at Cheops?

if you go you would see the dimensions and they are sea sands

How many dimensions does a pyramid have?

It has 3 demensions

How do you calculate the dimensions of a square pyramid with a surface area of 350cm2?

There is not enough information to calculate the dimensions.

How does the volume of the pyramid compare to the prism with equal dimensions?

Vol(Pyramid) = 1/3*Vol(Prism)

What is the surface area of the right square pyramid in square meters?

It depends on the dimensions of the base and the height (slant or vertical) of the pyramid.

Shapes that have 6 sides?

2 dimensions: hexagons 3 dimensions: triangular dipyramid, pentagonal pyramid, parallelepiped, or quadrilateral frustum.

Dimensions if the pyramid of Giza?

You have to be more specific, there are 3 large and several smaller pyramids at Giza.

What would you call A Triangle Were that Exists In Three Dimensions?

would call that a triangular pyramid.

What are the dimensions of the biggest pyramid?

The Great Pyramid of Giza or Pyramid of Khufu is world's largest pyramid. It is located in the famous Pyramid complex of Giza, Egypt. It had an original height of 146.5 meters which has now reduced to 138.8 meters. Its base is 230.4 meters wide.