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Batter's BoxThe batter's box is 4' x 6' and is 6 inches from the plate.
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Q: What are the dimensions of the batters box?
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Batters box Front to back dimensions?

6 feet

Diagram of batters box with dimensions?

A diagram of the MLB batter's box can be found in the official MLB rule book. On-line, the rules are at and you can see the batter's box with dimensions under 1.0 - Objectives Of The Game.

What size is the batters box?

the size of the batters box goes from the batters knees to his shoulders and a width of 17 inches

What are Box dimensions for 2008 Toyota tundra?

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What is the size of the batters box in baseball?

a batters box is 4 foot by 6 foot.

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What is the area of the batters circle minus the area of each batters box and catchers box and umpire box?

17 degrees kelvin

What is the high school batters box dimension?

A high school batter's box dimension is â?¢4ft x 6ft and 6 inches from home plate. Each league has different dimensions for each part of the field.

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