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It can choose people and it units innaproriate circumstances

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Data won't always be accurate.

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Q: What are the disadvantage of sampling method?
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What are the advantage and disadvantage of sampling techniques?

what are the advantage of and disadvantage of sampling method

What sampling method?

Random Sampling

Is convenience sampling method not a random sampling?

You are correct; convenience sampling is not random sampling.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kish Grid sampling method?

The Kish Grid sampling method has it's advantages and disadvantages. The advantage as it gives prospective employees whom otherwise would not have had the opportunity the chance to appeal their application in the form of an interview. However, the disadvantage is that many well qualified deserving prospective employees will not be considered for the job.

Which one is called non probability sampling a. cluster sampling b.quota sampling c. systematic sampling d. stratified sampling?

Answer is Quota sampling. Its one of the method of non-probability sampling.

Types of sampling techniques?

It is a sampling method in which units are selected based on easy access/availability. The disadvantage of convenience sampling is that the units that are easiest to obtain may not be representative of the population. For example products on top of a box of parts may be a different quality from those at the bottom, people who are at home when the market researcher calls may not be representative of the entire population. It is also called as Accidental Sampling.

What are the reasons for choosing random sampling method for ones research work and what is random sampling method anyway?

because it is the simplest sampling technique which requires less time and cost.

What is the instantaneous sampling?

Instantaneous sampling is one method used for sampling a continuous time signal into discrete time signal. This method is called as ideal or impulse sampling. In this method, we multiply a impulse function with the continuous time signal to be sampled. The output is instantaneously sampled signal.

Advantages and disadvantage of project method?

Advantage and disadvantage of project method

What are the steps in the mark and re-capture method in population sampling?

what are the steps involved in the mark and re-capture method in population sampling

Taking into account optimal sampling strategy and considering cost implications how do you determine the most appropriate sampling method to use?


Characteristics of sampling method?

characteristics of sample