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1.It won't be accurate.

2.Everyone has different sized body parts.

3.It isn't a standard form of measurement.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of using body parts in measuring?
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What are the disadvantages of using a body parts as a measuring device?

Mainly, that different people have body parts of different sizes.

What is the main advantage of using modern measuring tools over using body parts?

measuerment tool se kya fayada hai be

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cookies?

the advantades of using is that you will have sugar in your body.

Why are horses measured in hands?

A hand is 4". The measurement was used because most people have not (historically) had easy access to measuring instruments. They therefore used body parts as the measure. A long, long time ago, people didn't know how to read, and they had few tools. Measuring was done using body parts. Even Noah built the ark using cubits - a measurement that represented the distance between the fingertip and the elbow. Horses are smaller than giant arks, so they used a smaller body part. Some measuring is still done today using body parts. The hand is one, and fingers are another.

What body parts are used when using the Kettler Elliptical?

There are many body parts that are used when using the Kettler Elliptical. Examples of body parts that are used when using the Kettler Elliptical includes arms and legs.

How can a new body parts be made from stem cells?

Scientists can build new body parts from stem cells using a patients own bone marrow in a lab. They are now using 3D printers to make the body parts faster using stem cells.

What problems are encountered in using body parts as units of measure?

My body parts may not be the same size as yours. Also, your body parts, when you were little, will be bigger now.

What units of distance are named after parts of the body?

A Foot, Hands for measuring Horses, and leg as in Leg of a race

Who were the first people to use body parts to measure objects?

The first people to use body parts to measure objects were the first people on Earth. This was their only way of measuring anything.

How was volume measured in ancient times?

in measuring length, width, and volume. peolple in ancient times uses its own body parts like hands to measure the thing they are measuring..

What are the Advantages of using body parts in measurement?


What body parts are affected by using marijuana?

brain, heart, and lungs

List of body parts used in measuring objects?

they use their: feet/foot thumbs fingers forearm arm elbow

What are advantages and disadvantages of using softened steel for body panels on automobiles?

advantage production cost will be less and easy to cast and manufacture disadvantages the body will depleate quick due worst conditions the body will be a seating duck to accident.

What body parts of mosquito use in getting food?

tell the body part using for getig food

Is measuring an organs size shape and weight anatomy?

Since anatomy is involved with the study of the shape and structure of body parts, then measuring an organ's size, shape and weight would be considered anatomy.

Which part of the body monitors your body temperature to ensure that it is kept constant?

The hypothalamus monitors the core body temperature by measuring the temperature of blood passing through it. It then directs different parts of the body to either reduce the amount of people they are producing and to cause other parts of the body to release more heat from the body.

The visualization of body parts in motion using a glowing screen is known as?


How can I tell if my body shop is using quality parts to repair my car?

Insist and check that the shop is using geniune factory parts as oppossed to replacement parts. The shop should be open to sharing this with you.

What is an anthropometer?

An anthropometer is a device used in anthropathy - the study of the measuring of the human body in order to ascertain different dimensions at different ages - in order to measure parts of the human body.

Advantages and disadvantages of medicine using?

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of using medicine. The advantages include treatment of medical conditions and reducing pains. As for the disadvantages, the chemical ingredients may harm some of the organs in the body which ends up creating total dependence on the medicine.

How do bobcats defend themselves?

by blending in with other things and using special body parts.

Who is animals using the other parts of the body?

Cats is but dogs amn't, because they are red.

What parts of the body can be imaged with MRI?

All body parts can be imaged using MRI. Moreover, MRI scans are not adversely affected by bone, gas, or body waste, which can hinder other imaging techniques.

What are the disadvantages of immunization?

It depends on which immunization one is receiving.that wont help you but this will.::Some disadvantages of being immunized are:- -Irritation- -Redness- -High Fever- - Tiredness- - Loss of body parts e.g arms