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English (or imperial) units are things like:-

Pint/gallon for volume

Inch/foot for length

Ounce/pound for weight

(there are more)

Metric units are:-

litre for volume

metre for length

kilogram for weight

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Q: What are the equivalent English units to metric and vice versa?
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Look for conversion factor of English Imperial system to metric system and vice versa?

The problem with the English Imperial system is that there's a different conversion factor for every unit ... potentially 100 different numbers to answer your question. If you'll choose one, two, or three specific English Imperial units, we'll give you their conversion factors to/from metric units, although those numbers are easily found on line.

How does conversion of units from metric to English system or vice versa affect the level of accuracy of a certain measure?

Any amount ... no loss in accuracy is required nor necessary. Any loss is dependent on the people doing the conversion.

What are metric units of density?

G/mL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In metric units the density of water is 1gram per cubic centimetre; 1 gm/cc Density can be defined as the mass of 1 cubic centimetre of a substance. In practice we often use "weight" as "mass" and vice versa.

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The official size of a soccer ball is not more than 70 centimeters (27 inches) in circumference and not less than 68 centimeters (26 inches) in circumference. And in case a question arises regarding the metric units not being the exact equivalent of the standard or English units (or vice versa), refer the inquiring individual to the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the world governing body of soccer and the ultimate authority on the game and its rules. The dimensions are right out of the official Laws of the Game that they publish.

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How many linear metres in 36 square metres?

You don't convert linear meters to square meters or vice versa; those two units are totally incompatible.You don't convert linear meters to square meters or vice versa; those two units are totally incompatible.You don't convert linear meters to square meters or vice versa; those two units are totally incompatible.You don't convert linear meters to square meters or vice versa; those two units are totally incompatible.

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What tool is used to make metric conversions?

Search the Wikipedia for "SI prefixes". Example: mega means a million; kilo means a thousand; so to convert from mega-something to kilo-something, you multiply by 1000 (which is a million divided by thousand). Or: kilo means a thousand, milli means 1/1000, so to convert from kilo to milli, you multiply by a million (since 1000 divided by 1/1000 is a million). If what you want is to convert metric units to non-metric units, or vice versa (for example, light-years to meters), you might just look up the specific unit, for example in the Wikipedia - usually it lists equivalents in other units. You can also type something similar to the following in Google: 1 light-year in meters And Google will show you the equivalent.

How do you convert from one metric unit to another?

From centimeter to meter, you move the decimal one place to the right, and vice versa.

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