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4t2 - 12 = 4*(t2 - 3) which has no further rational factors

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Q: What are the factors of 4t squared minus 12?
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What is the factors of 28 t squared minus 17 t minus 3?

28 t2 - 17 t - 3 = (7t + 1) x (4t - 3)

What is 40t to the 3rd power minus 28t to the 2nd power minus 24t?

That factors to 4t(2t + 1)(5t - 6)

Tcubed plus 4t squared plus 4t LCM?

That's one term. You need at last two to find an LCM. That factors to t(t + 2)(t + 2)

What is the variable in 5 minus 4t?

In the expression 5-4t it is t that is the variable

What is the value of an expression of 12-4t divided by 6?

The expression appears to be: (12-4t)/6

How do you solve 12t - 34 4t - 14?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals", "squared", "cubed" etc. As it is now, there is no equation, only an expression without any symbol between 34 and 4t.

What is 3 x 4t?

3*4t = 12t

Four times t minus eight plus twenty equals 5?

t in this problem equals -3. 4t- 8+ 25= 5 -25 -25 4t- 8= -20 +8 +8 4t= -12 /4 /4 t= -3

What is 4t-523?

4t-523 = -519

What is the answer to 9t equals 4t plus 120?

9t = 4t + 120 9t-4t = 4t - 4t + 120 5t = 120 5t/5 = 120/5 t = 24 24 is your answer

What is the difference between 4t and 4 reg?

Size 4 are longer and slimmer than 4T. 4T is cut more for a toddler and allows room for a diaper.

What is the answer to 4t plus 5 equals 37?

If 4t + 5 = 37, then t = 8.

How do you multiply out 5y 4t-2?

If you mean: 5y(4t-2) then it is 20ty-10y

Tom's father is 3 times as old as Tom4 years ago he was 4 times olderHow old is Tom?

Let Tom's age be T (not very original, I know) Let Tom's father's age be F F=3T F-4=4(T-4) So F=4T-16+4 =4T-12 and using that F=3T 3T= 4T-12 T=12 Father is 36 So his father is 36 which is 3 times Tom's age and 4 years ago, Tom was 8 and dad was 36-4=32 which is 8x4 ANSWER TOM is 12

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What is the answer to 4t-3 equals 19?

4t - 3 = 19 4t = 19 +3 = 22 t = 22/4 t = 5.5

What is 4t plus 13t plus 2?

4t + 13t + 2 = 17t + 2

T plus 3-2t equals 4t plus 1?

T+(3-2t)=4t+1. Assuming the two T's , T and t are the same variable, lets proceed. t+(3-2t)=4t+1 3-t=4t+1 2-t=4t 2=5t last step is yours

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Find the general term of the set 8 12 16 20 24?

V = 4 + 4t Where V=value, and t = term number, where

What is 4t equals 24?

4t = 24 Therefore t = 24/4 t = 6

What is 4t-6 when t equals -6?

4t - 6 = 4*(-6) -6 = -24 -6 = -30

What is t if 75 plus 2t equals 100 minus 2t?

75+2t=100-2t 4t=25 t=6.25 So t is 6.25 or 25/4.

2k3-4t k 2 t 4?

It is not possible to solve the equation 2k3-4t k 2 t 4 because it is not clear.

What is 75 times 4t?