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factors are the numbers you multiply together to get a product in a multiplication problem.

a positive times a positive = a positive

a positive times a negative = a negative

a negative times a negative = a positive

since you are looking for negative 10, you need one factor to be positive and one to be negative.

this could be:





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Q: What are the factors that will equal negative ten?
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If you divided negative seven by negative ten what does it equal?

70 or 0.7

What does negative nine plus negative one equal?

It is minus ten.

What is negative ten minus four equal to?


What is ten to the negative eighth power equal?


What are the factors of negative 8 that add up to negative ten?

They are: -2-8 = -10

What factors of 12 equal negative 13?

-12 and -1

Which two factors of ten equal fifteen?

10 and 5.

What does negative 3 times ten to the third power equal?


What does ten minus negative one equal?


What is equal to ten to the negative third power?

1/1000 = 0.001

What are the Factors of twelve but when added equal negative thirteen?

-1 and -12

What two factors of negative 40 equal 6?

10 and -4

What are the common factors of 36 that equal negative 13?

-4 and -9

What is negative ten degrees centigrade equal to in degrees Fahrenheit?

-10ºC = 14.0ºF

Two factors of negative 170 that equal -29?


What are two equal factors of a non negative number called?

The square root

Which is the rational number equal to negative seventeen over ten?

-17/10 = -1.7

What two numbers added together equal negative ten and multiplied together equal negative eleven?

x=-11 y=1 or x=1 y=-11

What factors of 36 add to equal negative 6?


Does a negative times a positive equal a negative What are the steps of multipyling negative and positive numbers?

Yes. In multiplication, the product is positive if the factors have the same sign,and the product is negative if they have oppositesigns.

What is negative ten subtract negative sixty?

-10-(-60)=50 A negative and a negative equals a positive. Therefore, negative ten minus negative sixty is the same as negative ten PLUS sixty. Sixty minus ten equals fifty.

What is 1.7 times ten to the negative third power?

1.7 x 10^-3 is equal to 0.0017

The product of 18 negative factors will be?

If an even number of negative factors are multiplied together (such as 18 factors), the answer will be positive. If there are an odd number of negative factors, the answer will be negative.

What are the factors of negative two hundred and forty that if you add up equal negative one?

15 x -16 = -240 15 + -16 = -1

What common factors of 48 equal negative 13?

You could use -12 and -1 or -16 and 3.